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Knowledge Base

Welcome to the Mr. Nice Guy Hydroponics Knowledge Base, your resource for product instructions, common terminology and informative articles covering all aspects of indoor gardening.

Introduction to Hydroponics

New to hydroponics and indoor gardening? This is a great primer on the basic principles.

Article Library

Information on the principles of hydroponics, as well as ideas & tips for building your own systems and getting the most out of your hardware.

Indoor Gardening Links

Links to other indoor-gardening and related websites.

Hydroponics Glossary

Common terms and definitions used in hydroponics.

Grow Light Glossary

Common terms and definition associated with grow lights.

Product Instructions & Feed Charts

Searching for instructions for your Hydrofarm product, or curious about how much nutrient your plants need? Look no further.

CO2 Flow Rate Calculator

Find the optimum flow setting for your CO2 enrichment system.

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